Our club membership is a 1 off payment of £20 club joining fee, and £20 yearly subs,So thats £40 for new members and £20 per season after that.
At each match you pay £5 which goes towards the match sweeps and the £ for lb kitty,this may seem a lot but the club doesn’t receive any of this money,
let me brake it down for you, what you have are as follows:- 2 sweeps at each match, £1 for the heaviest bag and £1 for the heaviest fish, both with 100% payout,
also £1 goes into a kitty that is paid out at the Xmas fayre,the usual payout at the Xmas fayre is to the top 10 bags and the top 3 heaviest fish.
The last £1 goes into our unique £ for lb kitty and £1 for the end of season payout .
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